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The channel #BNC on SwiftIRC has been providing free bnc's for many years. We have seen users, servers and network staff go as well as seeing many new faces around on the network.

We have many vHosts for use and we also offer a premium BNC for a small one-time fee. If you have a question that needs answering/report abuse, you can reach us via the contact us link.


“I've had a #BNC for close to 10 months now and I couldn't be happier! I got my first BNC around March-April of 2011, and I'll have to admit I had no idea how to use it. But thanks to the kind a courteous Staff of #BNC, I know everything about it and has become a daily part of my routine.
Due to lack of funds, I am yet to get a Premium BNC, but I'd like to have one in the near future. You don't have to idle in #BNC, and you get your own cool, custom vHost. I'm extremely pleased with the service FreeBNC provides!” - Codie.



A BNC Control panel has been released! From within the control panel, you can manage the settings and view any messages you've received on your BNC.


We've been maintaining and running BNC's for over 7 years and we would love to have you as a part of our service and community. We have servers and staff worldwide to provide the best connectivity and support for you.

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All we require is that you agree to our user friendly rules :).

Terms of Service tl;dr


Below are the terms of service when using #BNC. You must provide the code at the bottom of the page during your BNC application for your own benefit, ensuring that you have read the terms listed below.

By accepting these terms of service you agree that #BNC administration reserves the right to remove your BNC without prior notification and reasons justified.

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We pay for the servers and deliver you a service (privilege) for free. For this to be possible, we require you to read and accept that you will follow the rules below:

You must follow SwiftIRC rules - a full list can be found here. This includes, but is not limited to ban evasion (both network and channel bans), spamming channels, etc. Depending upon the offence we will take appropriate action regarding your BNC and if required, contact a SwiftIRC administrator.

You can only have one BNC - We have limited resources and you would be denying another user of such a privilege which is unfair; if found to have two we will remove one (in some cases both) BNC accounts.

All scripts must be halted in #BNC - We allow the use of small scripts for a personal Bot providing they abide the other rules on this page. Excessive amounts of scripts are judged at an administrator’s discretion.

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Please refrain from SVSKILLS on your BNC account - For example; /ns ghost will suspend your BNC account and we will have to manually remove that suspension.

SwiftIRC only - Our BNC's are only to be used on SwiftIRC unless you have otherwise received an exception from an administrator, any accounts which are found to be on an alternate network without permission will be removed without question.

Halt AMSG’s in #BNC - Personally, I and many others dislike the use of AMSG’s as they are usually irrelevant and often encourage people to flood, scripts to block AMSG’s and AME’s can be found in the channel entry message, more information can be found on our FAQ.

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#BNC, including its servers and administration will not and can not be held responsible for malicious activity on your account resulting in lag, loss of data, and/or nicknames.

It is your responsibility to ensure you have chosen a secure password and have not revealed it to anyone.


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We primarily use shroudBNC, which encrypts account passwords with a MD5 hash which reduces the risk of password theft; however, if you use the nickserv.tcl script, these passwords are stored as plain text on the server, please take this into consideration if you plan on using it.

We log IP addresses for security reasons, including BNC logins and website visits; we reserve the right to provide your IP address to an IRCOP if you have broken SwiftIRC rules. Other than that, your personal information is disclosed and will never be given to a third party.

FreeBNC Code Generator

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We have utilized IPv6 to create hundreds of hosts for use.


We take advantage of the IPv6 protocol which allows us to create thousands of vHosts from a single subnet, meaning that you are almost certainly going to find a vHost that takes your fancy.

The server location is also included as well as the recommended SwiftIRC server to connect from (please bear in mind that not every SwiftIRC server support IPv6 connections).

It is important that you choose from the correct vHost list thats corresponds to the server your BNC is on/applying to as hosts from other sections will not work.


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Server Location: Roubaix, France

Server Owner(s): Benjy


Click to show/hide the vHost list.


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Server Location: North Carolina, USA

Server Owner(s): Bhavic


Click to show/hide the vHost list.


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Server Location: London, United Kingdom

Server Owner(s): Mike


Click to show/hide the vHost list.


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We offer a premium BNC account for a one-time small fee :).


Premium BNC


We offer a premium bnc package that contains more features than standard (as listed below)..

Any money/donations from the sale of premium bnc accounts will be funded towards the paying for servers.

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To purchase, click the buy button below and notify one of our staff when you've finished purchasing; payments will be manually checked and only one person has access to do so which could take a number of hours due to timezone differences.

We have researched the needs and wants of users and have provided a package at a cost that is affordable, yet at a reasonable price for our services and efforts. If you have any questions on this package or anything about any custom packages, speak to a member of staff or contact us via the link at the top.

Your premium BNC will be on a private server with all modules; It's at your discretion if you want to use them or not.

We're not held responsible for any incidents that occur on your BNC, please refer to our Terms of service for more information.

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Presenting our current staff of FreeBNC.


fx Founder

Benjy Owner

Mike Server Administrator

Jake Support
xmrfunny1x Lead Programmer

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Please read our frequently asked questions before asking staff.


What is a BNC?

A BouNCer (commonly abbreviated to BNC) keeps you connected to an IRC server 24/7, saving your channels and usermodes. It also allows you to recieve messages while offline with a common advantage of a Vanity host (BvHost). More information on BNC's (in relevance to SwiftIRC) can be found here.

How do i get a BNC?

You can apply for a BNC by issuing the following command whilst on SwiftIRC and in the channel #BNC. /msg FreeBNC BNC which will carry out an automated application process. Your application will then be forwarded to the staff channel where an admin will verdict the outcome of your app.

Can I get a custom vhost?

Custom vHosts are often reserved for staff or users who have paid for this privilege. We have a large list of vHosts available and we often open a vHost suggestion channel where you can suggest your own vHost ideas and we will add them, regarding they comply with SwiftIRC rules.

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How do I change my vHost?

According to the SwiftIRC BNC guidelines, users are no longer able to change their host at free will. If you believe you have a valid reason for changing your host, message a member of staff and we can discuss this matter further.

Why isn't my vHost working?

Your vHost may not be working because: It's full. Only 3 connections from 1 vHost is allowed on SwiftIRC. If there are 3 people already using that ip, you will not be able to connect with that vHost. The vHost may be banned from SwiftIRC due to a BNC user abusing it, or for inappropriate/offensive material within the vHost. Guidelines can be found here

My channels get 'mixed up' whenever I reconnect

Please refer to the channelsort documentation for information on how to rectify the above.

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I ghosted my BNC and now it's suspended, why?

We suspend the BNC when you ghost it for your convenience. If we didn't, it would simply reconnect and use the same nickname it was before (presumably why it was ghosted), if you need to regain access to the BNC's nickname either connect to the BNC server or /ns recover nickname ircpassword that way, the account won't be suspended. To request your BNC to be unsuspended, either message a member of staff or copy the error message once in #BNC and an admin should respond.

My ident isn't correct, why?

When a BNC server disconnects for whatever reason, a large amount of users will be trying to reconnect at once; this will cause some (or a lot) of people's ident's to be displayed wrongly. You will still be able to connect to your BNC using your regular username, but the ident (what your ident appears as on the IRC server) will be different to what it should be. To rectify this, you simply need to jump your BNC from the IRC server so it reconnects and the ident will be back to normal: /sbnc jump

My BNC isn't working, why?

This could be for a number of reasons, most commonly because you do not have IPv6 set on or because the vHost you've chosen is full. It could also be because the IRC server you have set is currently experiencing downtime and/or IPv6 connectivity is limited.

Please check the Server Status page to see whether there are any connectivity issues at our side.

The best way for us and yourself to resolve this is to message a member of staff in #BNC.

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When I try connect to my BNC it says "Unknown user/wrong password"

The answer to this lies solely with the user, most commonly because you have the wrong ident on your client. To connect to your BNC specify the ident and password in the command, e.g. /server Benjy:password For more information regarding this question, please refer to the mIRC and SwiftKit guides found on the SwiftIRC Wiki.

Where can I find a general list of commands and help documents regarding shroudBNC?

To view a general list, type /sbnc help whilst connected to your BNC, or type /sbnc set (with no parameters for a list of settable options. The shroudBNC documentation can be found on the official site.

How can I be staff of #BNC

Users who are friendly, active and helpful in #BNC are often recognised by administrators. A decent knowledge of shroudBNC is essential as we primarily implement it on our servers, other knowledge, e.g. scripting languages is useful but not required. On a side note: I can assure you that if you ask for a staff position, you will not receive one; the best way to go about it is through helping users as best as you can and you will be recognised for your efforts.

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Please visit our sponsors who have provided us with free servers :). logo


The owner of the hosting site, (Bhavic) has been supplying us with servers to run shroudbnc processes free of charge for months.

We are extremely grateful for this and I would like to recommend who hosts the popular 'Obtrix' server as a part of our network.

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If you require an Administrator's assistance please contact us.


If you have a general query or if you are reporting someone for abuse, please fill out the contact form below or you can message a member of staff on SwiftIRC in the channel #BNC.

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